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How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost in Edmonton?

The answer to the question “how much does a Private Investigator cost in Edmonton?” is like many other services, you get what you pay for.

  • Professional Edmonton private investigation firms utilizing multiple Investigators with 10,000+ hours of valuable expertise & experience could cost $80 per hour to $120 per hour plus travel related expenses.

However, the cost of a Professional Edmonton Private Investigator is also related to the service required. Alternatively, a less experienced one person Edmonton Private Investigator agency would probably cost slightly less: $50 to $85. Remember, when hiring an Edmonton PI, you get what you pay for.

Edmonton detective with camera in car

Edmonton Professional Private Investigator Firm Cost

Edmonton Private Investigator agencies that are established and experienced might cost a little more due to paying for higher quality investigations in Edmonton AB. These PI agencies generally have a higher cost of doing business.

  • Why is this an important cost distinction?

Costs for Edmonton Private Investigator services are always important factors for clients. However, when hiring an Edmonton Private Investigator agency, the first focus should be working with the right Edmonton PI firm. The outcome to any investigation in Edmonton is determined by one investigator at the agency.

  • One Investigator will have an impact on whether the investigative outcome is positive or negative.

So, with everything riding on one Edmonton Investigator it is important to choose the best agency for the client's needs and requirement.

Edmonton Professional Private Investigator Firm Fee Structure

Similar to other Edmonton professional services, there will be a large range of cost per hour and overall fee structure. Why? The answer is skills, experience, and track record. The more proficient the level of expertise, the more value will be placed on the Edmonton investigative service.

  • Professional Edmonton private investigation firms could cost $75 per hour to $120 per hour plus related expenses.

Normally, when a client is looking to hire an Edmonton Private Investigator or Edmonton Surveillance Investigator, they are looking for a specific and highly unique set of skills that are very hard to acquire. Investigative results, outcomes, and expectations will be directly proportional to the fees or hourly rate.

Edmonton Alberta Private Detective office

Most professional Edmonton private investigation agencies charge an hourly rate for travel & investigation time as well as per KMs, report writing, video editing, and investigative expenses.


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