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Private Investigator Salary Edmonton

There are many different fields an Edmonton Private Investigator can work in, all with different salaries. Most Edmonton Investigators work as employees of local Edmonton agencies, but Investigators can even work for themselves. For simplicity’s sake, we will discuss the most common field a Edmonton PI would work in: mobile surveillance.

Edmonton detective in backseat of car

So how much does an Edmonton Investigator make in the city? An Edmonton Private Investigator salary in the city for a new PI is typically $50,000 CAD per year. This can go up to $100,000 for an experienced Edmonton Private Investigator who is known for accomplishing objectives on a constant basis. However, a salary is not commonly used for Edmonton surveillance operatives in the city of Edmonton, an hourly rate is.

Edmonton PI Hourly Rate

An hourly rate for a brand new Edmonton Private Investigator is usually around $20 per hour. This would equal a salary of approximately $40,000 CAD per year; however, Edmonton PIs get paid travel time, mileage, and report writing time. This supplementary payment can increase the $40k salary to more around $50k. This supplementary payment holds true for experienced Edmonton Private Investigators as well.

Earn More with Edmonton PI Training

Being a new Edmonton PI does not necessarily mean that you need a lot of experience to obtain $100,000 per year, you just need to obtain constant positive results. This will show Edmonton employers and agencies that you are valuable, even without a lot of experience. This is where Private Investigator education and training courses come in to play. PI education will help new Edmonton PIs obtain positive results gaining them more revenue in a much shorter time.

Private Investigator Salary Edmonton Summary

  1. New Edmonton PI $50,000 per year

  2. Experienced Edmonton PI $100,000 per year

  3. Self-employed Edmonton PI $250,000 per year

  4. Edmonton PI Agency $1,000,000+

stacks of 100 dollar bills in CAD

Edmonton Private Investigators can eventually earn a seven-figure income after they start working for themselves. This is done when a Private Investigator manages multiple investigations, each being worked by other PIs/ employees. However, a Private Investigator can still earn high revenue without employees. If a PI works their own files, they can make around $250,000 per year. So anyway you look at it, this career is very lucrative.


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